New Sanford Fargo Medical Center Construction Renderings Revealed

The final architectural renderings is now unveiled showcasing the detailed exterior design of the new $494 million Sanford Fargo Medical Center. The building design is classic collegiate gothic architectural style, Sanford’s chosen design for all its new builds. The soaring 11 story structure has four hospital towers in the shape of an “X,” allowing all patient rooms to have large windows with unobstructed views. With 384 beds and 1 million square feet, it is in the top 10 health care projects in the U.S.

“It takes significant collaboration to create a facility like the Sanford Fargo Medical Center. We appreciate the hard work and dedication provided by all who are involved,” said Dennis Millirons, president, Sanford Fargo Medical Center. “In addition to the architects, building experts and local vendors, Sanford Health physicians, nurses, administration, support staff and community members are all contributing their time to the design.”

Medical services to be housed in the new building include: Children’s/ Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Trauma/Operating Rooms, Orthopedics/Neurosurgery, Heart Surgery/Interventional Cardiology and Emergency Services. Looking ahead, be sure to go to the Fargo Medical Center construction web site to keep informed on the progress made and to watch the live webcam of the construction progress.

View more renderings here.

Learn more about the Sanford Fargo Medical Center Construction Project here.

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